2009 Kilimanjaro Climb

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Is Africa

I've made it to Tanzania! And Lakpa Rita will be here tonight. The trip was relatively painless - 9 hours to Amersterdam from Seattle, then an 8 hour flight to the Kilimanjaro Airport, followed by another 45 minute drive to the hotel. Of course the 11 hour time difference is always fun too. Tomorrow we will leave for our trip and drive to 1,800 meters at the start of the Machame Route, then hike to 3,100 meters and our first camp. We will spend a total of five days to reach the summit, and one day to descend.
So far it's been great here. I am staying in the town of Arusha, which is southeast of the mountain. The first thing, besides the heat and humidity, that really struck me as I deboarded the plane was the intense smell of vegetation. Unfortunately, we flew over Africa in the dark and the sky has been overcast this morning, so I have yet to see the mountain. On the other hand, the people here I've met have been incredibly friendly and helpful.
We probably won't be able to make another post between now and our climb. So be sure to check back here in about a week for the news!!!


Tashi Sherpa said...

go for it Joe and Lhakpa !!..by the time u read this ..you'll be down celebrating Lhakpa's seventh summit.....

Tashi Deleg

Tashi and family..

boo said...

Lakpa and Joe have indeed stood atop Kilimanjaro - at about dawn on Friday. Congratulations Lakpa! Look for more soon from Joe.